Nick Schilling

Founder & CEO

Nick grew up in central North Dakota and is a proud graduate of North Dakota State University with a degree in Business Administration.  He then went onto graduate school at the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Business to finish with an MBA in Strategic Consulting.

Since finishing college, Nick has been solely focused in the financial services arena since 2002 with a passion to educate his clients and make their financial lives as simple as possible.  For years Mr. Schilling has been an executive running large advisory businesses with hundreds of advisors, thousands of clients and billions of dollars.  While successful, that wasn’t the business I wanted to create…

He founded Avant Wealth Management with a mission to work with a select group of families and become their personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

When not working with his select families within Avant Wealth Management, Nick loves spending time with his beautiful wife Annie and daughter Darian.  When he can slip away, he’s addicted to golfing and enjoys taking in sporting events of any kind.